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Did you know – Skin Care Facts

  • It is very important to have a good skin care routine, as it helps your skin stay in good condition. You’re skin actually sheds skin cell throughout the day, and can make your skin look dull and dry in appearance, having an effective routine can help increase your natural glow, prevent breakouts and treat fine lines and wrinkles.
  • 90% of aging skin is caused by UV radiation from the sun! You should always apply SPF to your face even in winter. Using an SPF daily on your skin will help keep your skin complexion healthy and help prevent uneven skin tone. overexposure to sunlight can increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Face wipes can be very damaging for your skin; they contain strong, harsh, damaging chemicals that will strip your skin of natural oils, causing inflammation and irritation on the skin. They can also cause your skin to become very dehydrated resulting in the appearance of fine lines that then later on if not treated become wrinkles. So if you’re going to use them, don’t make them a permanent part of your skin care routine.
  • ·Don’t over moisturise your skin! Over moisturizing can lead to breakouts. It’s essential not to take it too far. Too much moisture can result in milia- the tiny white spots that appear when dead skin becomes trapped underneath. So, think twice before you apply a thick layer of your favourite moisturiser.
  • ·Eating fish is great for your skin! Your skin loves foods like salmon, herring, and trout.  These types of fish offer our skin oils that lubricate cells and lessen inflammation. They’re also packed full of omega-3 fatty acids, which help keep our skin super-smooth.
  • Massage can help reduce under-eye circles, but unfortunately, there isn’t a guaranteed way to combat them. One method that can help is by massaging the under-eye skin in circular motions to increase blood circulation. It’s best to do this when applying your daily eye cream to reduce fluid retention.